Top 5 Russian Brides’ Secrets

Pretty Russian brides have excellent poker faces in the game of love. This makes them hard to read. Although naturally straightforward about most things, matters of the heart are harder to decipher. Common questions you’ll face while courting a potential Russian bride will include, "Does she like me?”, "Do I look okay?”, and ” Should I make a move?” Let’s delve deep into the mind of the average Russian woman to help you out.

She’s Looking for That Instant Spark

One of the many Russian brides’ secrets that is not talked about is the importance of initial attraction. Women look for that instant spark when they meet a man. The thing is, this attraction isn’t solely based on a man’s physical features. Attraction is determined by how a man dresses, how he carries himself, mannerisms and the sound of his voice. In other words, it is either there or not so the best thing for you to do is be yourself and relax. That way, if a bride falls for you, you’ll know that she likes the real you.

She’s Thinking About Sleeping with You During the First Visit

This is good news, right? Although traditional with commendable values, Russian brides are not as innocent as you think. They’re human too and have certain desires. After corresponding with a man over a lengthy period, most want to build the physical connection missing from the equation. When you think about it, being intimate during the first meeting isn’t a crazy idea. A man and woman share a lot while establishing a relationship online. Friendships are built, romance thrives, secrets are shared, and some even begin to talk about a future together. After addressing the mental and emotional aspects for so long, it isn’t a bad idea to gauge physical compatibility. To be safe, approach physical intimacy carefully. You want to build up to the big event – considering that all goes well. 

Russian Brides Want to Impress You So Badly

When they capture the attention of a foreign man, they are giddy beyond belief so calm down. She’s just as nervous as you are. The reason behind the nerves is the fact that the possibility of marrying a westerner is a big deal. Seriously, it is something to be proud of. Not only can it mean a new life but to Russian brides, foreign men are the best since such a large portion respect women, are excellent providers, loving fathers and make better husbands overall.

Beauty Means a Lot 

Another on the list of Russian brides’ secrets is that their beauty means a lot to them. Although not vain, they work tirelessly to look their best at all times. This often involves regular hair and nail appointments, frequent shopping trips and devoting a considerable amount of time to basic primping. The reason for this is a combination of social pressures to stay beautiful and simply the want to attract quality men. For those of you who do not know, Russian women prefer to settle down early in life and looking good supports that dream. Also, since so much effort is put into appearances, it is crucial to acknowledge it with a few compliments. Otherwise, her efforts were for nothing.

Russian Brides Are Powerhouses

For some reason, people think that Russian brides are these weak women who serve little purpose beyond looking beautiful and being a housewife. If that’s what you think, you couldn’t be more wrong. This is on the list of Russian brides’ secrets because their strength isn’t something they talk about but rather something they gradually reveal. They are tough, intelligent women capable of juggling many challenges in life who also tend to be very outspoken. Therefore, men who are uncomfortable around strong women may not want a Russian bride. They are best matched with equally strong men who know how to appreciate women with fire, passion, and strength.
There you have it! Those are the top 5 Russian brides’ secrets you need to know. To fall in love with a Russian woman and have the feelings be mutual, some understanding is required. Having an idea of what they’re thinking aids you in making the right moves thus resulting in relationship success. Best of luck!

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