The Eastern European Choice: Girls from Ukraine or Russia?

Choosing between girls from Ukraine or Russia is the number one decision men face when they decide to explore the prospect of dating an Eastern European woman. They are the top choices in that group. As expected, they share many similarities including beauty, values, and tradition but they’re also quite different. Let’s compare so you can kick start your European love life. 


Unlike Russian women who are quite cold when meeting someone new, Ukrainian women give off a welcoming, very friendly vibe that’s infectiously energetic. They are friendly right off the bat making them much easier to connect with. Russian women have many of the same traits but it takes a while for them to show that side of themselves. You have to break past that cold exterior before a Russian girl will warm up to you. Once you do, you’ll be able to determine if she’s interested or not. The reason behind this difference is society. Ukrainian society accepts friendliness and flirtation.

Demand, Demand

Whereas Russian women are slightly demanding, Ukrainian women are VERY demanding. In addition to insisting on being treated as an equal, they want to be treated extremely well, will not stand for any disrespect and watch out if a Ukrainian woman’s needs are not met. She will probably address the issue in an assertive if not aggressive manner. 

Homemaking Skills

When faced with the challenge of choosing girls from Ukraine or Russia, Russian women win in the homemaking department. Don’t misunderstand, both make excellent homemakers but Russian women tend to go above and beyond. Along with keeping the home immaculate and cooking delicious meals, they like things in abundance. They always have a variety of prepared food in the fridge, maintain a stocked kitchen and like to add some luxury to the home. Chances are, most women grew up with a mother that ran the household in a similar manner and want to carry those practices over. Ukrainian women on the other hand often expect their partner to do things for them. Some will even request meals or ask you to do laundry but that is fair, right? Although true, it’s not what most men expect from Slavic females. 

Both Are Open to Relocating for Love

This is awesome news for anyone having a hard time choosing between the two. If you find yourself interested in women from both countries, rest assured that both are more than willing to relocate for love. With their love comes a fierce loyalty that ensures that they’ll go where their partner does. On top of that, many Eastern European women dream of moving away to start a new life. Russia and Ukraine have a lot to offer and are both rich in culture as well as history but most people still crave a change of scenery in the land of opportunity. 

Marriage Means Happiness

Both Ukrainian and Russian women learn early on that happiness and fulfillment is directly related to marriage. This is why they want to wed so badly and tend to do so at a young age. The difference is, Russian women know that there’s more to life than marriage. Since most are well educated, some like to tackle the roles of wife, homemaker and career woman so don’t be surprised if the woman you meet insists on working. This varies from woman to woman of course but Russian women are more inclined to continue their careers than Ukrainian women who are content fulfilling their traditional role. 


Despite Ukrainian women having more approachable attitudes, they are not as intelligent as Russian girls making communication somewhat of a challenge. Since Russian women are well educated, many of them speak English well. Additionally, they are quick witted making them very fun to talk to once their initial coldness dissipates. 


Last in the comparison of girls from Ukraine or Russia are manners. When the topic of Eastern European women comes up, a common dating tip is to practice good manners but very few discuss the woman’s manners. Russian women are very prim and proper. Etiquette is something they know all too well and they carry themselves with grace and class. Ukrainian women know their way around a fork and knife but are more casual and laid back. 
So, what will it be? Do you want to pursue girls from Ukraine or Russia? Consider the above and make a choice.