Unknown Facts About Single Russian Wives

Single Russian wives is the term used to describe available women from Russia who have their sights on marriage. Some are in their twenties and have never married, others are divorcees and a select few have children making them ideal for divorced fathers wanting a blended family. In other words, there’s a variety of women from different walks of life to choose from meaning every man can find his ideal wife. Continue to learn 5 unknown facts about single Russian wives that will aid you in finding your perfect match.

Fact #1: They’re Obsessed with Romance

You must hone your romance skills to appeal to single Russian wives. Being romantic is the only way to turn basic romantic interest into something with potential. Otherwise, a woman will lose interest and cut off contact. Romancing Russian wives is easy. It involves treating them with respect, behaving like a gentleman, flowers, elegant dinners, expressing your positive feelings for her slowly but surely and regular sweet gestures to make her feel like she’s the only woman in the world.  

Fact #2: Family Is Number One

The love for family as well as the prospect of having one of their own drives Russian wives and that drive largely influences their love lives. If you’re not a family oriented man looking for a woman to build a family with, forget about dating a Russian woman.

Fact #3: They Don’t Care About Age

Most older men see a young, beautiful Russian woman and think, "She will not be interested in me” but you are so wrong. Russian wives couldn’t care less about age. As said, they are all about romance and are way too focused on trying to find their perfect match to worry about age. In fact, they find older men sexy. If you are a kind and reliable man able to fulfill the role of a provider, you will get a chance. You’re a good guy who deserves an attractive partner so be confident and pursue the women you find attractive. 

Fact #4: Courting is a Must 

If you don’t want to take the proper steps to get a Russian wife, you might as well give up now. Although some will settle, available Russian women worth marrying MUST be courted. Russian women are very traditional. Since you’ll probably be courting online, here’s some things to keep in mind:

Send her gifts.

Gifts are a huge deal in Russian dating culture. This is especially so when a woman enters a long-distance relationship with a man. Not only do gifts tell her that you’re thinking about her which makes any woman feel special but Russian wives love having gifts to show off to their families. For extra points, send gifts to her parents as well (if she lives with them) or her children if the woman you’re corresponding with is a mother. 

Be a tad sentimental.

Yeah, this is a must so get used to telling women sweet nothings over an internet connection. Sentiments aid in building romance.

Discuss your standard way of living.

It is important to be honest about this early on. During the courting process, you want to give her an idea of what life would be like with you and gauge the type of woman you’re talking to before any commitment. After sharing this information, pay close attention to her response. It will either show that she’s a genuine girl looking for a partner or someone with materialistic and opportunistic intentions. 

Travel to visit.

As we all know, physical contact is required to keep a courtship moving in the right direction. The only way to do that is by visiting her until you’re ready to make things more permanent. 

Fact #5: They Can’t Stand Self Loathing Men

You know how you can exhibit self-loathing behaviors to some women and they warm up to you? This applies to women with that, "I can save him” mentality. Well, single Russian wives don’t respond that way. Instead, all attraction goes out the window. The way to get a Russian woman is by being confident, self-assured and don’t sell yourself short in fear that she’ll think you’re bragging. Russian women love hearing all that you’ve achieved.